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  • 1. General introduction

    Nara Reading Pte. Ltd. is the supplier and owner of the Nara Reading App (hereinafter referred to as "we"). We recognize the importance of the personal data that our customers have trusted in providing us and believe that we are responsible for managing, protecting and handling customer personal data appropriately. in accordance with the regulations on protecting the privacy of Singapore law ("Privacy Law"). We created this Privacy Policy to help customers understand the principles when accessing, using, and / or processing personal data that customers provide to us at website and / or in the process of registration and use of the product.

    By giving us your personal information, you agree that your personal information will be collected and used as stated in this Policy. If you do not agree with this Policy, please do not provide us with any personal information and / or use the rights as set out in section 6 of this policy.

    We encourage customers to regularly review this Privacy Policy to get the latest updates to ensure customers know and exercise the right to manage their personal information.

  • 2. What personal data is collected?

    Personal data provided on website and when using the applications we may collect include, but is not limited to:

    • First and last name

    • Email

    • Phone number

    • Address

    • Also can be a personal Facebook

    Customers will be solely responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided to us. In addition, customers have the responsibility to promptly notify us of acts of unauthorized use, abuse, breach of security to take appropriate measures.

    When customers register to use, customers will be added to the list to receive news, special offers or occasional offers from us.

  • 3. When is personal data collected?

    We will / may collect personal data about customers when:

    • Sign in for a free trial or use the in-app purchases with one of your email, Gmail or Facebook or Apple credentials;

    • Sign up to receive advice on the company's products;

    • Buy and pay for company products.

  • 4. Purpose and scope of information use

    We may collect, use, provide and / or process customer personal data for one or more of the following purposes:

    • Contact to confirm when customers register to use the service to ensure benefits for consumers;

    • Create a User Account (Account) log into our programs (for trial use or use the purchased content);

    • Manage the login and use of our program on different devices;

    • Manage and synchronize the usage process on each application according to the user account (Account);

    • Free telephone advice for customers related to related reading products and services;

    • Answering customer inquiries;

    • Sending notices on information exchange activities between customers and us;

    • Conduct customer surveys;

    • Carry out promotional activities related to the reading content;

    • Preventing activities that destroy customers' information or activities of counterfeiting customers;

    • Contact and deal with customers in special cases;

    • In case of legal requirements: we are responsible for cooperating in providing personal information of customers when required by law. In addition, no one has the right to infringe on the personal information of customers.

    5. Time to store information

    Personal data of customers will be stored until we receive a request to cancel, delete. Remaining in any case the personal information of the customer will be kept confidential on our server.

    We will retain and use customer information when required to comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce our agreements.

    6. Means and tools for users to access and edit their personal data

    • Customers have the right to request to cancel, delete their personal information by asking the webmaster of to do this.

    • Customers have the right to submit a complaint about the disclosure of personal information to a third party to the management of the website When receiving these feedback, we will confirm the information, it is the responsibility to answer the reason and notify customers how to keep the information confidential.

    7. Commitment to privacy of customer personal information

    • Customer's personal information has been collected and we are committed to absolute confidentiality in accordance with the privacy policy we have issued. Collection and use of information of each customer is done only with the consent of that customer unless otherwise provided by law.

    • Do not use, transfer, provide or disclose to any third party personal information of customers without the consent of the customer or at the request of the competent authorities to serve investigations and adjudication...

    • If we engage in a merger or acquisition of all or part of the property, the customer will be notified via email or through the official news on's website of any change in ownership. or use the customer's personal information, as well as any customer rights regarding the customer's personal information, to any third party with the customer's consent.

    • In case the information server is attacked by a hacker resulting in the loss of customer personal data, the website will be responsible for reporting the incident to the investigating authorities for timely handling and notification. for customers to know.

    • The absolute confidentiality of all online transaction information of customers including digital invoice accounting documents in the secure data center of level 1 of

    • Website management of requires that individuals when registering / purchasing as customers, must provide all relevant personal information including: Full name, address, email, phone and be responsible for the liability of the above information. The website management of is not responsible for nor does it handle all complaints related to that Customer's rights if it considers all personal information of that customer provided upon initial registration is incorrect.

    8. Address of the organization collecting and managing personal information

    Nara Reading Ptd. Lte.

    • Headquarters: 8 West Coast Place, Singapore 127561

    • Tel: 1900 6969 82

    • Email: [email protected]

    If you have any questions or complaints about our privacy practices please contact us at the above address.

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