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General information

Nara is the short name for the Nara Reading App. Nara helps to read books to children 2-6 years old. The team behind Nara only wishes parents to have a little more time for themselves, not encourage parents to replace the reading for their children with the app.

Children are direct users of Nara. One of Nara's key benefits is that kids don't have to look at the screen the entire time she is reading.

Parents are indirect users of Nara. Parents can feel secure in fostering a passion for reading for children as well as saving valuable time to enjoy life in their own way.

Nara needs to maintain an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system to identify book pages and train them to machine learning (ML) book pages appropriately for kids from 2 to 6 years old. In addition, Nara will continuously expand the Library and upgrade the application to better meet the needs of parents and child users. Along with that, Nara has an obligation to share a portion of the revenue to pay royalties for the authors.

Yes of course. You get a full-featured 7-day free trial as well as a full library of books that Nara has.

Alright friends :-). Nara app allows you to capture and record up to 25 titles of your books. You can use the Nara reading app to read to kids without any limitation as long as you place these 25 titles in front of the phone camera.

Nara can read books to children in most of Latin-based languages. Specifically, we are committed to supporting the following 20 languages:

  1. Czech

  2. Danish

  3. Dutch

  4. English

  5. Filipino

  6. Finnish

  7. French

  8. German

  9. Hungarian

  10. Icelandic

  11. Indonesian

  12. Italian

  13. Polish

  14. Portuguese

  15. Romanian

  16. Slovak

  17. Spanish

  18. Swedish

  19. Turkish

  20. Vietnamese

Today's image recognition technology is not good enough for Nara to be able to recognize and read any random book. The team behind Nara must edit and compile the audio content of a book in advance in order to create the best reading experience for children. Our process and technology are good enough to be able to recognize and prepare audio content within 48 hours after you have successfully finished sharing a book to Nara.

Nara is positioned as a rental book reader and Nara only reads books for users who have physical books in front of the mobile phone camera. Nara will not share pictures or book content with anyone other than users who have books in front of the camera. In addition, Nara respects and appreciates the authors, publishers, and publishers who have invested their effort and resources to produce great books for children and Nara is willing to share its part from sales coming from users. Authors, publishers, and publishers of books, please, contact email [email protected] to discuss for further cooperation.


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