Free for community libraries and non-profit educational organizations.

Nara is a reading companion of your kids

Nurturing a passion for reading for children

Nara helps nurturing your kids' love of reading, meanwhile, reducing the time spending with electronic devices

More Benefits

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    Your own voices

    You or any family member can record yourself reading books for kids. And guess what, they will love to have Nara read those books again and again

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    Free and Funny

    You can record your own voices and have Nara read in the offline mode up to 25 books. Always free and fun.

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    AI and Premium voices

    If you do not have time to record your voice, we provide standard AI voices and plenty of beautiful human voices with subscription.

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    Nara protects your kids from electronic devices overuse

    By having Nara reading books, your kids will develop their love of reading, passion for knowledge, and curiosity about the world.
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    Nara helps parent have more time on their kids

    Nara helps parents have more time for themselves. Hence, they have more energy, get closer and connect more with their children.

What do other parents say about Nara?

The mission of Nara is with the parents to develop reading passion in every kids.

Download Nara and use it for free

Start by recording your own voice for each individual book you have in your home librarypterodactyl.png